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Volunteering not only offers vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community, but the benefits can be even greater for the volunteer. Over the years, our volunteers have made new friends, connected with the community, learned new skills, and even taught classes. We look forward to meeting new people like you every year.

Resources & Supplies

Do you have supplies or products at your office that aren’t being used but are taking up space? You can donate it to R.A.M.A.L. Everyone benefits when you take time to donate supplies—teachers and students could use it in their classrooms, you could use it as a tax deduction and promote your business as being part of our efforts to help build a stronger community.
Who We Are


Many people are having difficulties being a member of their community. Without a sense of belonging somewhere and being a part of something bigger themselves, it is easy to feel alone and helpless. Since 2009, R.A.M.A.L. has been dedicated to exploring the issues that cause these feelings, in order to find the best ways to help individuals and families adapt to their current life situation, gain a clear vision of how they move forward, and become an active part of their community.

R.A.M.A.L. Education & Social Services Inc was found by Dr. Barbara Brooks after a long career in education, corrections, mental health counseling, social work and consulting.

Makes The Rest Of Your Life Have a Happy Memory

After many years of research, I have published a book detailing the history of a group of people living in a neighborhood during segregation., despite restricted opportunities, who built businesses, educated themselves and others, bought properties, and became leaders of the community. These are their stories that connect the past to the present with lessons from history. It is a look at what was, is now, and a vision for the future.

By purchasing my book, you will not only learn of the history and growing pains of West Ocala, but you will be supporting the educational and social services offered by R.A.M.A.L. that will carry our community into the future. The book is FREE with a $20 or more donation.

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